Chalky Products

We are more than just wood and Chalky paint

Our Chalky paints are super awesome on their own, but when your pair them with these other amazing products, you will take your home decor to the next level.

Painters Powder

Mix with any latex paint to make your own Chalky paint!

Gel Stains

So easy to work with and available in 2 colors. Espresso and Early Era

Chalky Glaze

Chalky Glaze is my secret weapon to achieve a wide variety of decor styles. Available in 4 colors!

Top Coat

We use Chalky paint for the Matte finish, our Flat Velvet Top coat protects your project while maintaining the Chalky look!

Chalkyboard Paint 

Turn anything you can dream of into a Chalk Board! 

Chalky Crackle

Chalky Crackle makes your top coat of paint crack so the color of your base color shows through giving you a truly rustic look.